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OVEX S.A.’s manufacturing site has been increasing in terms of capacity and production volumes over the years, whilst giving maximum priority to ensuring that the excellent quality of its goods is maintained. In addition to the GMP Certificate in Europe approved for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, the laboratory is also currently certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in Europe and holds an EU Authorisation for Drug Manufacturers and Importers of Europe, duly certified by the AEMPS (Spanish Medicines and Health Products Agency).

COVEX factory
COVEX is manufacturer of vinpocetine GMP quality


Covex has been manufacturing GMP-certified in Europe, high-quality Ingredients (Vinpocetine, Vincamine and Vinburnine) for the industries around the world since 1977.

The level of expertise obtained over these years by our highly-qualified staff ensures a solid guarantee of complying not only with the highest standards set by Health Authorities, but of satisfying the most important standard of all – our customers’ satisfaction.

Our ingredients are derived from Voacanga Africana and are processed by high-technology equipment assessed regularly and compliant with ICH norms.

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