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COVEX SA was founded in 1977 and began carrying out research on medicinal plants that normally have pharmacological activity, specifically the apocynaceae family.

A significant moment was when COVEX entered the Soviet Union in 1991, thanks to the patent that had been granted a few years earlier for that area of the world, when the company had only 20 employees.

This patent led to a contract with the USSR Health Department for a value of 9 million US Dollars, for selling Vinpocetine tablets a medicine for neurological use.

In addition to the significant commercial success achieved then, that circumstance has made it possible that today we can still maintain the permanent presence acquired over the past few years in Russia and the ex-soviet Republics, as one of Spain’s largest exporters of medicinal drugs.

Our commercial growth allows COVEX to export to customers in five continents.

Our competitiveness in quality and price, together with an investment of 6 million Euros made, to expand the factory’s capacity, in addition to the boom of nutraceuticals market, has kept us in a leading position in this field since 1977.

Our intellectual property, advanced manufacturing technology and constant research in this field ensure our production in the current pharmaceutical industry whilst introducing new products for functional foods.

We are reaching an increasing segment of the world market and we hope to hold an outstanding position within the forthcoming years.

China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Ltd

On 1 July 2014 China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Ltd acquired COVEX SA; since then, COVEX forms part of a Group listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Pioneer Pharma is one of the largest comprehensive marketing, promotion and channel management service providers dedicated to imported pharmaceutical products and medical devices in China.

Founded in 1996, Pioneer has been growing fast. Today, it has established an impressive service network covering over 20,000 hospitals and other medical institutions across 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. Its business headquarters is located in Shanghai, the commercial center of China, and its logistics hub is situated in Hubei province, one of the best connected and centrally located areas in the country.

It is a young, dynamic company which embraces both traditional Chinese values and Western business culture and practices. Its business partners choose it because of its strong track record, impressive service network, diligent care for quality, and clear communications.


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