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One of the paramount objectives as a factory is to guarantee the high-quality standard of our final products in order to successfully compete on the international market and, more importantly, to satisfy our customers` needs. For this reason, the goods manufactured by COVEX comply with all current requirements established both within the European Union and beyond its frontiers.

The Standardization of the manufacturing process of pharmaceutical products is generally considered the principal quality assurance in terms of batch production, and it guarantees the effectiveness and safety of the use. Quality assurance is achieved by implementing COVEX`s Quality Assurance System: a range of activities, technology, methods and tools handled by highly-trained experts to create and control the optimum quality standards throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Specifications relating to the quality of the goods obtained in COVEX are designed to fulfil the principles, norms and requirements set out by the EU, the Pharmacopoeias worldwide, the ICH guidelines and the FDA.

The equipment used is assessed regularly, and the processes and methods of control are validated in accordance with ICH guidelines.

Compliance with the European GMP norms and the marketing authorisation for active ingredients is certified by the AEMPS (Spanish Medicines and Health Products Agency), thereby allowing the company to market its high-quality active ingredients internationally.


COVEX has invested greatly in Research and Development, having worked closely with the Complutense University of Madrid.

Leader in the production of the apocynaceae family products, COVEX has developed a unique method of extraction in advanced chemistry meaning that, today, it can guarantee high quality production at optimum standards able to compete internationally.

COVEX has a considerable patent and trademark portfolio, with intellectual property rights in more than 100 countries.


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