Affron B & Intelectol are Healthy Complements

Affron B contains pure Saffron

Descubra Affron B, el suplemento de Covex US Inc elaborado con azafrán. Descubra sus características, propiedades y contenidos. Si estás navegando o vives en EE.UU., puedes pedir tantas unidades como quieras.
Cada frasco de Affron B contiene 90 comprimidos.

Intelectol contains the purest vinpocetine

Descubra Intelectol® Forte, el suplemento de Covex US Inc elaborado con vinpocetina. Descubra sus características, propiedades y contenidos. Si estás navegando en EE.UU. o vives en este país, puedes pedir tantas unidades como desees.
Cada frasco de Intelectol® Forte (10 mg) contiene 180 comprimidos.


Covex es un fabricante certificado GMP de API de alta calidad para industrias farmacéuticas de todo el mundo desde 1977. Haga clic para obtener más información.

Si tienes alguna duda o consulta sobre el sistema de pago, el envío o el producto en sí, no dudes en contactar con Intelectol® y nuestro equipo resolverá cualquier duda que puedas tener.

Had to try it and surprised how it helps

I am an adult with ADHD and didn't want to take psychostimulant like Ritalin anymore. I am kinda impressed by the effect of this. It helps alot for the focus but especially for the memory. Definitely worth a try and it is not a stimulant.


Amazon CA customer

Works Well to Boost Mental Focus Without Caffeine Jitters

This vinpocetine supplement comes in a 10mg, 180 pill format. Vinpocetine is taken to boost focus, memory, and other cognitive functions. I have taken this product for the past three weeks and the results are positive. It helps me to boost focus and sharpens my attention. It is similar to the effect of coffee without the jitters and the addictive stimulant properties. Coffee can sometimes make me a little anxious which this does not. It also doesn't cause a crash.


Amazon CA customer

Gives me a cognitive boost.

This is great quality Vinpocetine that works perfectly to increase my cognitive performance. I simply take one in the morning with water, it takes roughly one hour to kick in. It definitely improves clarity and ability to recall, increasing memory performance and making it easier overall for me to work. I haven't felt any negative side effects from using it. The potency is very good. It’s an excellent product that is exactly as described.


Amazon CA customer

Covex in Spain has been manufacturing certified APIs for the world's pharmaceutical industry since 1977.

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We have modern facilities in Madrid (Spain) for the production of our products.

Did you know that Intelectol® is a member of the Natural Products Association?

NPA is the leading trade association for dietary supplements, natural health & sports nutrition, medical & functional foods, probiotics, and natural personal/home care products, and Intelectol® is one of its members.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Intelectol is a member of the Natural Products Association


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